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Company in Shanghai was established in June 2001, 10 years to build a stable customer networks, to serve 3M Company (U.S.), Mettler - Toledo (Rui), EATON (United States), FLOWSERVE (U.S.) and METZELER Sealing and so on. 3M was named the world's second best supplier, and for four consecutive years FLOWSERVE Control Valves GmbH A-class suppliers.
 2010 to 2011, investment in Jiangsu Baoying, the establishment of Jiangsu Bo by mold Co., Ltd., purchased 30 acres of industrial land, factory building 9000 square meters, a set of mold design / manufacturing, submit a design / manufacturing, stamping, injection molding and powder electrostatic coating and surface treatment production line integrated development of various enterprises. With design, process, test team, eyes fixed on the international advanced technology developments, according to the size of the customer's generation, equipment condition and performance of the trial, the needs of the development cycle, from material selection (in particular the recommendation made ​​materials), heat treatment optimization , the choice of processing, testing the feasibility and type of mold (continuous mode or single-process model) to determine, to the customer to the economy is strong, the correct rate, integrated with advanced technology support services.
In September 2002, Shanghai Boyi Connector Mold Co., Ltd. passed the ISO9000 quality system certification (Shanghai Audit Centre of Quality System Certificate Registration: 00305Q10978R1M). Products submitted to FA pre-production certification; raw materials, coatings are strictly enforced WEEE & RoHS certification standards be put into use. The company has a complete management system to meet the customer's board management and PPAP management, to ensure customers the normal operation of zero inventory production lines, reducing the customer's production costs but also improve their management capabilities.

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